Catee’s Grace

Catee’s Grace is the story of a blue collar, hard working, Chicago family thrust into a secret war between supernatural knights and the dragons that rule the world, by a single act of love. Catee is no ordinary child. She has within her, a spark of the divine and with it, she can heal with a touch. She is a balm to the weary world and the infection doesn’t like it one bit. Catee’s existence represents the dawning of a new age where mankind will finally cast off the invisible shackles of cruel masters they don’t know they serve. The dragons and those who serve them will do anything to make sure that the “Dawn Child’s” life is snuffed out, ensuring their eternal reign.

The Vigilant, supernatural knights born to fight the denizens of the pit have found Catee, but can their ebbing, righteous swords keep her from the dragon’s maw? More, can the Moyers ever find peace in a world where its oligarchs seek only their demise? Can they even survive the escape?

Book 1 of the Vigilant Series: Catee’s Grace is a thrilling run across the globe in a desperate attempt to find sanctuary from a world where every shadow is a potential devil and nothing is as it seems. It’s a lightning-paced, edge-of-your-seat read meant to leave you breathless.

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