Kilimanjaro: My Goal, My Story

Everyone has that one dream, planted as a seed when they were a child, that they’ve all but given up on after realising the hardships and responsibilities that come with growing up and starting a family. Always lingering in the back of your mind, only a few people have the courage and the will to follow through with such lofty ambitions. For author Rod Wood, that dream was to climb the beautifully daunting Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately, life and depression hit Rod like an oncoming truck. Dissatisfied with his day to day living and unable to put a finger on why, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery to recapture the very same whimsy and joy he felt while learning about this legendary continent as a child. Not content to let his life-long desire pass him by a second time, Rod begins to etch out the plans that would change his life forever. With a new-found confidence and commitment to discovery, Rod sets out on the adventure we’ve all dreamed of: to fulfil our childhood ambitions. Engaging in conversations about life, love and the world, Rod’s thought-provoking tale takes him on a series of adventures, coming across people and places that would define his later years. Chronicling the real life tale of one man’s journey to the “roof” of Africa, Kilimanjaro: My Goal, My Story, spins a heart-warming and relatable memoir into a powerful and engaging personal study.

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