Saxon’s Conquest (Hell Yeah!)

Sexy – thy name is Saxon.

Saxon Abbott is a hero. A crime fighter. An Equalizer. A computer genius. Truly a man of unmatched abilities… until he meets his match. His nemesis. The mysterious, A.G Hart. From the moment their paths cross, Saxon is blown away by her beauty, and captivated by how much they have in common. He is as attracted to her brain as he is to her sexy body. While they are incredibly drawn to one another – they can’t seem to stop rubbing one another the wrong way.

Gaining acceptance into the boy’s club, that is the tech world, hasn’t been easy, but Alivia Gertrude Hart has never come across an obstacle she can’t go over or plow right through. She is driven and determined to succeed, spending her time writing computer programs to catch serial killers, and creating robots with artificial intelligence that will change the world. Having a man in her life is a complication she intends to avoid – until a certain irresistible hunk decides she will be his ultimate conquest.

Alivia manages to escape Saxon’s clutches until fate steps in and takes control. When someone starts killing Texas beauty queens, Governor Kyle Chancellor can think of only one person who is perfect to assist Saxon and his fellow Equalizers in solving the case. A quick call from the Governor is all it takes to draw Alivia into a new mystery to solve and put her in tight quarters with the one man who sets her body, brain, and soul on fire. Now, this couple of high-powered, self-proclaimed nerds are on the case and ready to solve the murders, if they can keep from killing one another first…

**ADULT CONTENT: This book contains adult language and sexual situations. It is recommended for 18+ ONLY**

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