The Covenant

Fans of the Marvel Universe will enjoy this fast-paced, original adventure.

A world lost, one gained, and another searching for redemption.

Dr. Michael Anderson strives to find the purpose in life. Four years after the death of his family, the young doctor struggles to stay optimistic and medicates his own internal wounds by dedicating his work to the ones he lost.

But even that isn’t enough.
Michael continues to live in the haze of his past until he treats a young girl suffering from a new, savage virus. When the child’s mother arrives at the hospital, Michael’s life takes a monumental and adventurous turn. On his return home from a long shift at work, he is greeted by an unexpected guest. The visitor desperately asks for the doctor’s help and invites him on a cosmic journey into the secrets of the multiverse.

There, he will discover an elusive enemy, a forbidden romance, and a purpose beyond his wildest dreams.

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