The Vigilant: Catee’s Aegis

Isaiah isn’t supposed to be back in New York. Giving himself to the Vigilant, he is to leave his old life behind, to become the ghost that a knight must be in order to fight a secret war with the dragons that secretly rule the world. He strives to do just that as he stalks the streets of his former home, but there is one thing that he simply can’t abide. Katie was meant to be a ballerina, so when Isaiah finds her beholden to a disgusting, mid-level mafioso, he’s torn between sacred vows to his brotherhood and his heart and soul. The Vigilant Knights do not tolerate oath-breakers. In order to set things aright, Isaiah will have to face not only the minions of darkness, but his very own brothers.

Catee’s Aegis is a story of finding sanctuary and redemption, a fast-paced supernatural thriller where one Dawn Child will meet another one, and they will somehow forge an impossible future. One will find the family that she lost, the other, one she never had, but not before facing the very gates of Hell with only an oath-breakers sword by their sides.

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