Some reasons why you should write a GUEST post for our Authors Blog:

  1. Three golden words- Exposure + Social welfare + Self promotion
  2. Publishing industry is huge, its complexities need to be understood by Authors.  An Author/Blogger would do as much good to himself as he does to others when he/she contributes to the knowledge and resources which may help fellow authors via our blog ‘BeingAuthor’.
  3. Simplify the complexities of the publication and promotion, so that an author can simply understand it, this is what an author is often required to do for his/her fellow author.
  4. If you are a promoter or a service provider, writing for our blog can be pretty useful in honing your professional skills with the feedback which you will get from the authors.
  5. You retain the copyright to your article(s) and blog-post(s) published at BeingAuthor. You may gladly get them published in books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc.
  6.  It is not the idea but ‘expression of that idea’ which is of foremost importance. Even if you can’t think of something original to share with readers, you may elaborate upon an already existing idea (with due credit to original thinker).

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